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  • Kaweco Special Fountain Pen Matte Black
  • Kaweco Special Fountain Pen Matte Black

Kaweco Special Fountain Pen Matte Black

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Kaweco has been making quality writing equipment since 1883. So you can believe the Special Fountain Pen is what it says: an extra special update on their line of practical and beautiful fountain pens. Octagonal machined aluminum with a brushed and black-anodized finish feels fabulous in the hand and looks fully fancy on the desk. The end cap, which sports the silver Kaweco logo, screws on and off keep the long lean pen secure in transit. The nib is smooth and beautiful iridium tipped steel from Bock, Heidelberg. Whether you use it without the cap or with the cap screwed onto the end for a lengthier feel, the entire pen feels grand and of-a-piece... which is reasonable since it's machined from a piece of aluminum. Made with that renowned German attention to detail and function, they're easy to write with and easy to covet. 

Reconnect with your writing with a pencil that looks good, and feels great to use. For a pocket-friendly version, check out the Kaweco Al-Sport fountain pens - the sweet stumpy version of this stately Special. 

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