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Guide to Holiday Harmony - Gifts for the Workshop

The holidays are a hectic time, and at Hand-Eye Supply we counsel a hands-on defense. Whether your personal hurdles lie in the kitchen or the tree lot, we’ve run through the worst-case scenarios to bring you our best ideas for keeping cool this season. There may be some friction or frantic patches—that’s as traditional as tinsel—but a can-do attitude and properly procured stuff can make even chaos feel festive.


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Preppin' Weapon

Take some of the elbow grease out of sanding with a super ergonomic Preppin' Weapon. $19.95 


La Square

Take control of projects with this US-made combo square with a big fat base. $45 


Pioneer Hip Roof Tool Box

A sleek and lean option for long tool storage. American made. $35 


Hand-Eye Suede Tool Belt

A swell suede spot to hold all types of tools while your hands are busy. $35


All Purpose Shop Knife

Strong and sharp, this knife/scraper/prying tool is ideal for shop tasks. $26.95


Silca HX-One Tool Kit

Immaculately made shock-resistant tool set in a solid CNC-milled beechwood case. $125


Elemen'tary Screwdriver Set

These unique screwdrivers are made by hand in Elemen'tary's small London workshop. $56 


Estwing Claw Hammer

Offering more than striking looks, Estwing hammers are absolutely made to last. $45 - $50


Trusco XL Cantilever Tool Box

Pragmatic Japanese storage, or the cool blue DeLorean of toolboxes? You decide. $120

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