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  • Feuerhand Lantern
  • Feuerhand Lantern
  • Feuerhand Lantern

Feuerhand Lantern

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Whether you seek to simplify your life or prepare for complicated times a-coming, owning a lantern is a good move. Their glow is gentler and more adjustable than propane options, and (despite olden associations) they are highly efficient. 

Fuerhand Lanterns have been made entirely in Germany since the 1930s - wick, glass and all - and they're known for their dependable quality. A special burner design minimizes flickering and soot. Their heat resistant glass globes won’t crack even if contacted by rain or snow, and they're protected from impact by a wire outer frame. The lantern body is tin plated, then painted to resist corrosion and heat deformity. A lever-lift raises the globe and locks in place, preventing singed fingers during lighting. One tank of fuel can last up to 20 hours. Ideal for that weird uncle who lives in the hills and only comes to town to sell hand carved woodland creatures every 6 months. The Feuerhand is 20% heavier in construction than its closest  competitor - a very good thing in the rough and tumble world of lanterning.

  • Corrosion-resistant tin plated body
  • Heat-resilient glass globe
  • Stable, protective design
  • Lever-lift raises the globe and locks in place - no finger burning during lighting
  • Efficient burner can run 20 hours on a single fill
  • Two loops for hanging or carrying
  • Heavy-built for strength, heat tolerance and stability
  • 10.25" high x 5.25" at base
  • For the sensible yet romantic hobbit
  • Entirely made in Germany

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