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  • Kujira Sperm Whale Knife
  • Kujira Sperm Whale Knife
  • Kujira Sperm Whale Knife

Kujira Sperm Whale Knife

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Does your desk lack a certain... gravitas? Here at Hand-Eye Supply, we recommend filling every ambiguous emptiness with knives. In this case, knives designed to compliment your daily desk needs with enough style to keep you dangerously well-prepared. Add this Sperm Whale knife to your tabletop ensemble and pencils will stay on-point, coworkers will be shocked and intrigued. Round-headed for “safety” while endowed with a wickedly sharp blade anyway, this cute denizen of the deep is ready to gorge on pencils and envelope tops. Alternately, you could easily use this fierce fellow to scare the bejeezus out of your cheezus.

Toru Yamashita is a blacksmith in Japan’s Kochi-prefecture. He first created a knife modeled after a Sperm Whale to fill a request for a blunt, “kid friendly” knife for sharpening pencils. His Kujira (whale) knives have become award-winning popular souvenir items of Kochi-prefecture.

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