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  • Counter Brush 9"
  • Counter Brush 9"

Counter Brush 9"

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Once you've gotten yourself into a fine mess it takes proper tools to make clean up a breeze. To easily banish scrappy crap around the shop or home we recommend our 9" Counter Brush. It's made from dense horsehair well laced to a hard wood handle. Horsehair is both durable and soft, it sheds material well, and it won't get gnarly frayed ends like plastic brushes. Soft enough to respect your stuff, it's also stiff enough to move bulky loads and thick enough to catch even the tiny stuff. Sits easy in the hand, and even looks pretty classy. Made by Gornell Brush Co., makers of fine American brushes of all types since 1892, this simple tool is a dependable shop staple. 

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