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  • Z-Saw Cross Cut Blade and Puff Handle

Z-Saw Cross Cut Blade and Puff Handle

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Since 1943 Okada Hardware has been a leading manufacturer of hand saws in Japan. Located in Miki city, the renowned heartland of the Japanese hardware industry, Okada has continuously provided an emphasis of innovation and user experience to their famous Z-Saws for more than half a century.

The Puff Handle is the latest bit of design magic from Z-Saw. It incorporates an internal piston system that "puffs" air from a blow hole on to the work piece using the kinetic energy from the worker's hand motion. The "puff" clears away saw dust so that you can clearly see your cut line.

    • The 265mm saw is designed for precise and intricate cutting of sawed wood, laminated wood and solid wood.
    • 300 mm "Puff" Hook-fit handle 
    • Inertial piston inside expels air to clear the cut of sawdust 
    • Easy blade replacement with one simple tap
    • Impulse hardened high quality sharp teeth are designed for long-lasting great performance
    • Sturdy and precisely ground universal teeth suitable for rip/cross/slant cutting leaving an incredibly clean cut surface

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