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  • Geier Deerskin Buckle Work Gloves
  • Geier Deerskin Buckle Work Gloves

Geier Deerskin Buckle Work Gloves

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Geier Glove Company was founded by the Geier brothers in 1927. Since then their products have shown consistent attention to detail, both functionally and aesthetically. Still family owned and operated in Centralia, Washington, their high-quality and practical gloves live up to their motto, “Western made for Western trade.”

The softest of our Geier gloves, these Deerskin Buckle work gloves are deliciously supple. Lighter weight than the Elkskin Slip-On or Heavyweight Snap-Back gloves, yet still made from resilient Tannery Run leather, these strike that special balance between form and function. Good protection and tough material aren’t sacrificed, and the thinner leather sheds bulk, leaving you to enjoy your digital freedom. Welted seams, well-placed at the palm and thumb, increase strength and ergonomics, and are well-stitched for durability. The wrist-back slide buckle provides better closure than calling your ex, and is easy to maneuver even while wearing. Great for use as driving (or biking) gloves, for detail oriented projects in cold basements, and for work where barbed wire and open flame aren’t terribly common.

These gloves are good looking, good working, good smelling (at least when you first get them). We particularly like that they're produced in genuinely small and large sizes: Lady and Man-Beast Approved. 

The Geier party line on glove care is this: wear themYour hands and work will provide enough oil to condition them over time. If they stiffen after getting wet, avoid heat drying, wearing them will soften them back in. 

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