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  • Tosa Nakiri Knife
  • Tosa Nakiri Knife

Tosa Nakiri Knife

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These traditional thin-bladed vegetable knives are handmade in Tosa, Japan. Ideal for thin fast chopping, the double beveled edge and core is made from high carbon steel (hagane), forged to hammered iron (jigane) for tensile strength. Accordingly, they're easy to sharpen and well known for their durability and long lasting cutting edge. Perfect for quick and easy prep cutting (rather than delicate slicing). The light wood handles may darken with use but resist breakdown. The blue-black of the forged iron cladding also looks super-boss... For all your stealthy daikon dealings. 

Make sure to clean and wipe the moisture off the blade after each use to prevent rust. Don't soak at length. Don't throw across the kitchen either. 

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