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  • Star Spangled Spatula Wood
  • Star Spangled Spatula Wood

Star Spangled Spatula Wood

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It’s snowing outside, thick flakes landing on the cars and evergreens, returning everything to a peaceful stillness.

No wait, it’s a balmy summer evening and you and your friends are jovial, the smells of cut grass and reddening charcoal drift as drink glasses clink. There’s a walnut handle in your grip and something delicious and unhealthy singeing nearby. Breathe in deeply. Can you smell that? That's freedom. 

(Freedom also comes in 3 plastic, America-loving colors.) 

  • 11” long brass riveted walnut handle
  • 6” x 4" long stainless flipper bit
  • Made in the 51 and only United States of America
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